Airex Coronella Exercise Mats

Airex Coronella Exercise Mats

Airex Coronella Exercise Mat, Blue

The Airex Coronella Exercise Mat, Blue is the thickest and the most versatile sized mat that is available for personal use. These mats are extremely versatile and ideal for water rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, stretching, aerobic, Yoga poses and Pilates work. When you buy an Airex Coronella Exercise Mat, Blue, you will be investing in a high quality product that offers superior durability and comfort. The mats have earned a reputation that they offer the very best support in an exercise mat that is currently available.

The Airex Coronella Exercise Mat, Blue are a little bit thicker than the typical Yoga sticky mats and are the recommended and preferred option of Pilate’s practitioners due to their support and durability. Each mat measures 23 inches by 72 inches, offering a good amount of floor coverage to ensure that all positions will be comfortable and easy to do, without limiting the range of motion for the particular movements that are being practiced.

The Airex mats are also ideal for rehabilitative environments, as they offer a plush surface for anyone trying to build up muscle strength or endurance after an injury or surgery. In fact, these are found in a number of physical therapy offices around the U.S.

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