Hemiplegic Parallel Bars

Hemiplegic Parallel Bars

The Hemiplegic Parallel Bars designed by Clinton Industries designed specifically for post-CVA patients. Patients can either independently, or with the assistance of a physical therapist, improve their ambulation skills over time. 

These parallel bars by Clinton Industries are a great investment into any inventory of physical therapy equipment. Clinton Industries has been manufacturing high-quality physical therapy equipment for decades, and all of their equipment meets or exceeds industry standards.

Features and Specifications:

  • Floor mounted
  • Designed for patients with strength or mobility on only one side
  • (2) uprights extend into room and quick mount to floor plates
  • Patient can circle around bars without stopping or turning around
  • Height adjusts 26" - 39"
  • Allow patients an uninterrupted bar to grasp with one hand
  • Floor mounted
  • 350-lb. capacity
  • HPB
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SKU: Size Price Quantity
012607 7'L x 28"W x 28"-42"H $959.99
012612 12'L x 20"W x 26"-39"H $1,111.99