Zonas Porous Tape

Zonas Porous Tape

A high-quality medical tape with a cotton cloth backing, Zonas Porous Tape is especially suited for immobilization of joints and bones due to sprain.  Wounds that require particular positioning are also well suited for this tape. It is designed to be wound tightly so as to immobilize or provide restraint for an injury. 

Perforated at the edges so as to make it easy to tear, Zonas Tape has a rubber-based adhesive, which is intended for long-term use. 

As indicated in the name, the tape is also porous, meaning that tiny holes in the surface of the tape allow air to pass through and the skin to "breathe".


  • Available in ½", 1", or 2" width
  • ½" width comes in 15 yard (45 foot) roll; 1" and 2" width come in 10 yard (30 foot) roll size
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SKU: Size Quantity Price Quantity
021230 1" x 10 Yrd 12 $22.99
021231 1.5" x 15 Yrd 32 $91.99
021232 2" x 10 yd 6 $14.99