Biodynamics BIA 310e Bioimpedance Analyzer

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Biodynamics BIA 310e Bioimpedance Analyzer

Designed to measure fluctuations in body fat, the Biodynamics BIA 310e Bioimpedance Analyzer successfully assesses percentages through an individual’s ankle or wrist. The analysis is gathered by extra-sensitive sensory electrodes, reassuring an accurate reading in fat mass, body mass index, fat-free mass, and total body weight. There are also components that read total body water and the resting metabolic rate of an individual’s basal temperature.

With a built-in battery charger and handy carrying case, Physical Therapists can take the Biodynamics BIA 310e Bioimpedance Analyzer with them anywhere. A miniature printer will print out a patient’s results immediately, alerting the therapist to changes that need special attention.

Additionally, for patients with allergies, the electrode components are lightweight and gentle, meaning there are no rashes to contend with later. An instruction manual for new Physical Therapists and extra rolls of printer paper that easily fit into the thermal printer are also included with the machine.

Overall, this product is affordable, especially considering the features that are so readily available for immediate, right-out-of-the-box use. The Biodynamics BIA 310e Bioimpedance Analyzer is reliable, as PHYSICAL THERAPY reviews have marked this analyzer as  equipment, ideal for doing house-calls or rounds at hospitals and rehabilitation clinics.