Loving Comfort Maternity Support

Loving Comfort Maternity Support

Pregnancy is a wonderful time of new beginnings, but for some women it can also be extremely difficult.  Designed for women experiencing slight to moderate pregnancy pain symptoms, the Loving Comfort Maternity Support will transfer extra abdominal weight to the spine rather than the pelvic ring. 
The Maternity Support is made of lightweight, soft elastic that won't make you hot and sweaty or feel scratchy on your skin. 

The Loving Comfort Maternity Support comes in three sizes.  Determine which size is right for you by finding your pre-pregnancy dress size with the chart below (The Maternity Support will expand with you as your baby grows larger).

Dress Size

Support Size

3 – 6


7 – 16


17 - 20


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SKU: Size Size 2 Price Quantity
080293 Small 3 to 6 Dress Size $32.34
080294 Medium 7 to 16 Dress Size $32.34
080295 Large 17 to 20 Dress Size $32.34