DC/AC Point Portable Muscle Stimulator

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The EMS-2C produces Interrupted DC and Pulsed (Faradic) stimulation. Both units allow easy one hand operation, including current adjustment, active probe positioning, and on-off control. These instruments are used in the evaluation and treatment of muscle dysfunction caused by peripheral and CNS disorders. They are most commonly used for preventing muscle atrophy, relaxing muscle spasms, and muscle re-education.


Effective and comfortable stimulation.

- Current limited for safety.

- Interrupted DC and Pulsed current.

- One hand operation.

- Reliable and versatile - use either water-soaked or conductive rubber electrodes.

- Battery Powered (9v alkaline included).

- Two year warranty on materials and work quality.

- Light weight: approximately 6 oz.

- Available direct & through our network of dealers.

- Hospital or Home use.


Interupted DC

0 - 15 mA peak


0 - 25 mA peak

80 pulses per second

250 µsec, 1/2 peak duration

This device requires a prescription unless you are a licensed healthcare professional or licensed reseller. Please fax your prescription to (770) 926-4022 or email to info@electro-medical.com