Baseline Stainless Steel Finger Goniometer

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With all the advantages of the Plastic Finger Goniometer, the Baseline Stainless Steel Finger Goniometer features Robinson stainless steel construction for a durable and hardy product.  Use only one finger to operate the goniometer from 40-degree extension through 110-degree hyperextension.  Use it to measure extension and flexion (range of motion) in small joints such as finger and toe joints.

The half-circle head on the stainless steel finger goniometer is marked in 5-degree increments from 0 to 180 in two opposing directions.  The arms also feature a linear scale marked in both inches (4 inch length) and centimeters (10 centimeter length).  

Features and Specifications:

  • 180 degree scale marked in 5 degree increments
  • 5 inch (12 ½ centimeter) linear scale included on arm
  • Stainless steel construction