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SportCords Are Built Tougher to Last Longer

SportCord uses a bungee-type resistance cord that's constructed from multiple strands of rubber and covered by a tightly-woven, high-strength nylon jacket. This protective jacket does four very important things:
  1. It extends the life of the rubber core by shielding it from oxygen and UV light.
  2. It prevents any rubber from contacting the user. (Important for latex-sensitive individuals.)
  3. It prevents sudden breakage of the cord. (The jacket will support the cord's full load even if all of the core's rubber strands break.) 
  4. It signals when the cord needs to be replaced. (Cuts and other localized damage to the cord will cause the jacket to fray long before the cord is weakened.)

SportsCords are available in four different color resistances. 

Resistance Cord                             Typical Application 

RED = extra-light resistance         

early-stage orthopedic rehab

GREEN = light resistance

upper body exercises for most women

BLUE = medium resistance

upper body exercises for most men

BLACK = heavy resistance

lower body exercises and tethered running


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