Baseline Axis Attachment

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The Baseline Axis Attachment slides easily onto the arm of the Baseline 360 Degree Clear Plastic Goniometer and fits snugly into place.  This attachment will ensure accuracy of the true vertical and horizontal. 

The Attachment uses air bubbles to indicate angle of incline/decline, and the black demarcations indicate true level horizontal and vertical.  Although the Attachment is specifically designed for use with the 12" goniometer, it is compatible with either the 6" or 8" size as well. 

By enabling the practitioner to focus on correct measurement and position of the patient, the Baseline Axis Attachment reduces the possibility of error due to incorrect vertical or horizontal level. 

Features and Specifications: 

  • Designed for use with the 12" Baseline 360 Degree Plastic Goniometer or the 12" Baseline Hi-Res 360 Degree Plastic Goniometer
  • Does not interfere with goniometer function