Cando Bowtie Tubing Exercisers 22"

Cando Bowtie Tubing Exercisers 22"

The Cando Bowtie Tubing Exerciser is great for targeting muscle groups of the upper body: shoulders, arms, chest, and upper back. This clever piece of equipment strengthens, conditions, and rehabilitates muscles.

Because the Cando Bowtie Tubing is lightweight and portable, it is especially convenient for travel. However, this exerciser is effective and durable enough to use in group fitness classes or for at-home workouts.

These economical figure-8 bands come in 7 resistances from extra-extra light to extra-extra heavy.

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SKU: Color Resistance Price Quantity
020440 Tan XX-Light $8.39
020441 Yellow X-Light $9.59
020442 Red Light $9.59
020443 Green Medium $10.79
020444 Blue Heavy $10.79
020445 Black X-Heavy $10.79
020446 Silver XX-Heavy $10.79