Disposable Exam Gowns

Disposable Exam Gowns

Patient gowns are designed to provide the highest patient comfort and dignity while still remaining an economical choice.  By using multiple layers of tissue to manufacture the gowns, they are given added absorbency compared to single-layer alternatives.  The multiple layers also give assurance that these gowns are completely opaque, assuring patient modesty and dignity.

The gowns come in an attractive "pebble" color setting.  The durable multi-layer construction also adds strength for extended examinations, while still remaining cost-efficient.  They feature a standard back tie-closed opening, and are fully reversible for patient examinations requiring a front-opening gown. 

Choose from two different types of material:  3 Ply and Tissue-Polyethylene-Tissue (TPT). 

Available in white or blue (3 ply tissue) or white (TPT only). 


  • 30" x 42" size
  • Available in the following color and material combinations:
  • 3 ply – white
  • 3 ply – blue
  • TPT – white ONLY
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SKU: Type Color Quantity Price Quantity
090943 3 Ply White 50 $22.99
090949 T-P-T White 50 $22.95