Cando Exercise Tubing 100'

Cando  Exercise Tubing 100'

Stretch and strengthen with Cando Exercise Tubing. This low-powder, high-quality rubber exercise tubing performs just like Cando Band. Use this elastic tubing to rehabilitate and condition muscles, connective tissue, and joints. Cando Exercise Tubing is also ideal for general fitness-building and toning routines. Because exercise tubing weighs very little and rolls up compactly, it can be taken anywhere for a quiet yet effective workout.

Choose from 6 different resistance levels of Cando low-powder tubing. Simply snip off a custom length to suit the client and the movements being performed.

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SKU: Color Resistance Price Quantity
020121 Yellow X-Light $34.99
020122 Red Light $38.99
020123 Green Medium $43.99
020124 Blue Heavy $48.99
020125 Black X-Heavy $52.99
020126 Silver XX-Heavy $51.99
093212 5 Piece Set 1 EACH: YLW, RED, GRN, BLU, BLK) $228.99