Work Hardening Tool Kit Weight Box

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Getting back to work as quickly as possible following surgery, illness or injury is crucial. As an occupational or physical therapist, you have the opportunity to help people get back on their feet, back to their job and back to supporting their family.

In order to reach such a goal, you will need to provide your patients with therapy using work hardening exercises and physical therapy equipment. The Work Hardening Tool Kit Weight Box from Hausmann Industries is specially designed to simulate tasks that a patient must complete once he or she is back on the job.

Features and Specifications:

  • Fixed wooden tote handle
  • Box weighs 16lbs empty
  • Two hand grip slots on either side of the box
  • ¾" Plywood core is covered with a high pressure Oak laminate finish to protect the unit
  • High quality dowel construction
  • 1" removable metal weight pin included with a locking collar that will accommodate disc weights which are available for sale separately

Hausmann Industries has been building high-quality physical therapy equipment for many years. The company understands the importance of providing your patients with the best possible care and getting them back to work quickly and efficiently.