ThumSaver CMC Long

ThumSaver CMC Long

The ThumSaver CMC Long, Right Small is a full-length splint that is designed to immobilize the thumb and wrist and reduce pain in these areas. Although it limits motion, the ThumSaver CMC holds the thumb in such a position that grasping of objects is still possible. The wearer is able to maintain independence while healing. Conditions that can be managed with the ThumSaver CMC Long, Right Small include CMC arthritis, scaphoid fractures, and tendinitis. The ThumSaver CMC is a good way to protect the hand after cast removal until full healing is achieved.

This thin, lightweight plastic splint will not stain, warp, or break. The ThumSaver CMC Long, Right Small comes with felt pads that can be placed strategically for additional cushioning if desired. Users can also add 3 Point Products' ThumSock (pictured but sold separately) to protect the skin with long-term wear of the splint

To find the right size, first measure the distance between the IP joint (last knuckle of the thumb) and the wrist, and find the closest figure in the "Length" column below. Then measure the circumference of the same knuckle, and find the nearest figure in the "Size 2" column below.

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082049 3" to 3.5'' Left Small $44.34