Swede-O X8 Ankle Brace

Swede-O X8 Ankle Brace

Swede-O has been recognized as a worldwide leader as a manufacturer of ankle braces since the 1980's, and today they are branching out to include orthopedic supplies for other parts of the body.  The original product that launched the company, the Swede-O Universal, is still today the most popular lace-up ankle brace in the U.S.A. (now known as the Ankle Lok).

The patent-pending design of the Swede-O X8 Ankle Brace uses two straps rather than the traditional four to reduce bulkiness and unnecessary weight.  So that you don't get confused as to where the straps are supposed to go, they are pre-positioned (permanently sewn into place) at the halfway point of the figure-eight configuration.  

Also included with the X8 Ankle Brace are removable plastic inserts that provide additional support for the ankle.  These slip inside pockets on the Ankle Brace just above the ankle bones and are easily taken out if not needed. 

The low-profile nylon construction of the X8 means that it can fit inside any athletic shoe.  The X8 Ankle Brace is designed to fit either the left or right foot. 

The Swede-O Ankle Brace is made in the U.S.A. and comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. 

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