Baseline Medical Tuning Forks

The medical tuning fork is a standard piece of equipment in the medical industry used when you want to evaluate the healing and vibratory sensation of an individual. This tuning fork is made out of corrosion resistant aluminium alloy and is non-magnetic.

The Baseline Medical Tuning Fork is made out of a 3/8 inch by 1 inch bar stock to provide you with a tuning fork that has a consistent frequency. It has been outfitted with a handle that is an extra long 2 inches. The handle is made of turned smooth aluminium and helps with bone conduction tests. The tuning fork options range from 30 – 4096 cps.

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SKU: CPS Type Price Quantity
060093 512 cps Unweighted $8.99
060124 1024 cps Unweighted $6.99
060125 2048 cps Unweighted $6.99
060126 4096 cps Unweighted $6.99
060123 30 cps Weighted $19.99
060122 64 cps Weighted $12.99
060091 128 cps Weighted $6.99
060092 256 cps Weighted $7.99