This wrap-around ThumSling, Right Black Small/Medium by 3 Point Products hugs the thumb with gentle compression. This product helps to reduce the grinding at the CMC (basal) joint arising from arthritis. By repositioning the CMC joint, this sling allows the wearer to go about daily activities and manual tasks with a better grip and less pain.

The soft and flexible ThumSling, Right Black Small/Medium is easy to put on and remove as needed, yet conforms to the hand for support. The sling, which is lined in breathable foam, does not feel too hot. It is lightweight and sleek enough to wear beneath most household, gardening, winter, or other gloves. The ThumSling, Right Black Small/Medium is comfortable enough to wear throughout the day and night, unlike other CMC joint splints that are quite stiff.

The latex-free ThumSling is machine-washable. To fit, measure around the large knuckles or MP joints while the hand is flat.

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SKU: Color Options Size Price Quantity
082060 Black Right Small/Medium $33.59
082061 Gray Right Small/Medium $33.59
082063 Gray Left Small/Medium $33.59
082064 Black Right Medium/Large $33.59
082065 Gray Right Medium/Large $33.59
082066 Black Left Medium/Large $33.59
082067 Gray Left Medium/Large $33.59