Packing Carton Work Hardening Weight Box

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A large number of physical therapy patients benefit from work hardening exercises as part of their recovery to help prepare them for re-entry into the work force.

As you work with your patients, they will need to be tested on their ability to perform regular physical tasks. Work hardening exercises are good determinants to whether or not your patient is ready to start lifting and moving things again.

Weights can easily be added or removed from the Packing Work Hardening Weight Box. Similar to other physical therapy equipment by Hausmann Industries, this weight box is built with durability in mind. Your patients will appreciate your efforts in preparing them for physically straining activities.

Features and Specifications:

  • Fixed wooden carrying handle
  • Two hand grip slots on each side
  • Hinged lid conceals contents effectively
  • 1" removable weight pin with a locking collar that will accommodate optional disc weights that are available for sale separately
  • ¾" plywood core with protective Formica Oak laminate finish
  • Sturdy dowel and glue construction
  • Dimensions measure 14" x 14" x 14"