Moist Heat Hot Packs for Hydrocollators

Moist Heat Hot Packs for Hydrocollators

These Moist Heat Packs provide 30 minutes of soothing moist heat therapy. These moist heat pads can adapt to the contours of your body so the heat is applied to where you need it.

Moist Heat Pads relieve pain by increasing blood circulation to the affected area, decreasing the activity of muscle spasms, and reducing inflammation. They can also dampen sensitivity to pain, reduce the stiffness of joints, and increase blood flow to the affected area.

The Moist Heat Packs are also easy to use.  All you have to do is immerse the pack in your heating unit, take it out of the heat, and then wrap it in proper towelling or one of our terry covers before you apply it to the affected area. 

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SKU: Model Size Price Quantity
021388 Standard 10" x 12" $11.99
021389 Neck Contour 8" x 24" $13.19
021390 Oversized 15" x 24" $23.99
021392 Knee/Shoulder 10" x 20" $23.99
021393 Spinal 10" x 18" $20.39
021394 Spinal 10" x 24" $21.59