Baseline Absolute Axis HiRes 360 Degree Plastic Goniometer

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Baseline Absolute Axis HiRes 360 Degree Plastic Goniometer

Baseline's Hi-Resolution 360 Degree Plastic Goniometer with the Absolute Axis option displays the true vertical and horizontal when measuring a joint's range of motion.  The simple bubble levels at the end of the goniometer function the same as a carpenter's level, indicating the true level within the clearly marked black demarcations.  And rather than an external attachment which can be easily lost or broken, the absolute horizontal and vertical levels are integrated completely into the design of the goniometer. 

This Plastic Goniometer also features scales in both directions marked off in 1 degree increments (up to 363 degrees) per the International Standard of Measurement (ISOM).  Reading of the scale degrees is further made easier by the inclusion of a white background against which the black numbers show up clearly. 

Features and Specifications:

  • 12" size
  • Vertical and horizontal level bubbles permanently mounted in goniometer arm