Hand Dynamometers

Hand dynamometers are used to measure the muscle strength in the wrist. Our company offers a wide range of hand and wrist dynamometers with different pricing options for accurate and affordable care. Our Baseline Analog Hydraulic Wrist Dynamometer measures the strength of wrist muscles during extension, flexion, adduction and abduction. This unit also measures forearm muscles during supination and pronation. The Baseline Digital Hydraulic Wrist Dynamometer has a 500 lb capacity and accurately measures the strength of wrist muscles. The Baseline Digital LCD Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer uses the same hydraulic system as previous versions but has the added advantage of a fully lit LCD display. This unit also features an electronic zero calibration system and requires two AAA batteries for power. Our Baseline Hand Evaluation Set is essential for all clinical offices as well as rehabilitation facilities and comes in a portable carrying case that houses all instruments necessary to evaluating the strength and range of motion of fingers and hands. The Baseline Hand Evaluation Set 7 Piece System measures grip strength through a hydraulic hand dynamometer as well as pinch strength through a mechanical pitch gauge. Visit our entire product line for pricing information as well as technical specifications.