Body Fat Analyzers

Body fat analyzers and digital body fat calipers are used to compute the amount of body fat on the human body. Body fat analyzers will work off of your age, height, weight, gender and activity level. Our Baseline Credit Card Size Body Fat Analyzer can measure 5-50% body fat with a .1% resolution. Our Baseline Hand Held Body Fat Analyzer allows you to take your fitness training to a whole new level through an easy to use and accurate system for children and adults. The Baseline Medical Grade Skinfold Body Fat Caliper with Case can measure accurately from arm tips with a 60mm scale. The Biodynamics BIA 310e Bioimpedance Analyzer is perfect for medical offices. It has a standard ECG sensor pad with electrodes and the results are printed through a built-in thermal printer. Our Fat Track Digital Body Fat Caliper measures body fat percentage without the use of tables through the Jackson and Pollock Body Density Equation. See our full line of products to fit your needs.
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