Patient Assistance

Patient assistance products are essential for recovering patients who have experienced an injury or surgery. While a clinician or nurse cannot always be in the room, patient assistance products allow a patient to help themselves during the rehabilitation process. Our bed pull-up strap is a device that allows the patient to rise from a lying position without the use of their legs or hips. This product is securely attached to a bed frame or a bed leg and utilizes a series of loops for assistance. Our folding reacher is ideal for patients that have difficulty reaching or bending. This product is also essential for all patients confined to a wheelchair. The Kinsman Hip Kit is a basic kit that includes a sock aid with foam handles, two pairs of black-and-white elastic shoelaces, 32 inch helping hand reacher, a 27 inch dressing stick, a 24 inch stainless steel shoehorn and a long handle bath sponge. Our leg lifter is essential for people who are covering from leg injuries. There is a loop that is placed around the foot or a cast in order to reposition the leg by the user. Our over bed table comes with 1.5 inch casters to ensure smooth mobility of the table throughout any direction. The tabletop has dimensions of 15” x 30” giving the patient room for eating or reading a book. To look through our extensive inventory of patient assistance products, scroll below.
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