Ankle Supports Braces and Specialty Items

Ankle support is essential for sports or rehabilitation. Our ankle braces offer a variety of features to keep stress off of the muscles and joints. Our AFO Drop Foot Brace Ankle Orthosis Splint assists in dorsiflexion during ambulation. Our Air Cast Stirrup Ankle Brace and Alimed AllSport Ortho Ankle Brace II are perfect for short-term rehabilitation as well as long term support through every day use or while playing sports. The ASO Ankle Brace offers high-end support through its exclusive non-stretch nylon stabilizing straps. The Swede-O X8 Ankle Brace offers maximum support with two dual-purpose straps instead of the traditional four-strap design. This allows easy application while keeping your ankles secure. See all of our ankle support options for sizing options.