Rehab Weight Racks

Exercise racks give people an easy way to store weights, mats and other equipment in their home gym or health club. Electro-Medical carries a full product line of exercise racks for affordability as well as convenience. The Astoria MaxRac is the perfect solution for health clubs or physical therapy offices. This specific rack occupies very little floor space and has a door to conceal extremely generous interior storage spaces. The rack comes with 4 inch swivel casters that can be locked for immobility. Our Basic Bandrac is an excellent economic alternative for a smaller physical therapy office or department. This rack has the ability to hold up to 50 yards of exercise banding and can be mounted to the wall. The Combo Weights/ Dumbbell Mobile Rack comes with oak laminate frames and is based on 2 inch swivel casters. The weight rack is made out of almond pegboard panels and contains 11 hooks. Our Constellation DualRac is made out of a solid surface and does not use pegboard. This rack comes with 3 inch swivel casters that can be locked or unlocked for easy mobility. For more information about the exercise racks we offer, click on individual products.
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