Walking Canes

Adjustable walking canes, folding canes and wooden walking canes are used to stabilize a patient after an injury or surgery. Our diverse line of walking canes, folding canes and wooden walking canes can help any patient. Our Adjustable Folding Walking Cane comes with a rubber handle and a rubber stopper. This cane can fold into 4 different sections for discreet storage. The Adjustable Walking Cane with Offset Handle comes with the patented Invacare Grip and a wrist strap. This cane has a silver body and features adjustability from 29”-38”. The Bariatric Quad Cane comes with a 700lb weight capacity and can be used with the right or left hand. The cane is height adjustable with 4 stabilizers on the bottom. The Wooden Walking Cane is a traditional walking cane with wooden construction and a 250lb weight capacity. To see all our adjustable walking canes, click on the product descriptions below.
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