Tilt Tables

Tilt tables are used to treat patients in medical clinics as well as physical therapy facilities and are ideal for patients with low blood pressure or weakness. Our Hausmann Industries Bariatric Electric Tilt Tables have a tilt indicator display to show the angle of tilt from 0 to 90°. This table also comes with an extra wide top which is 34” x 77” long and contains upholstered 709 gray vinyl. These tilt tables also feature a 2 inch thick high-density urethane foam for patient comfort. The table features an extra wide 23” x 18” deep fixed footboard and three extra long straps to keep patients safe during treatment. The tilt table comes with a pneumatic hand control that is easy to operate from either side of the table as well as a set of 43 inch locking casters. Our Hi-Lo Electric Tilt Tables are perfect for all physical therapists who offer weight-bearing experiences and tilt table therapy to patients. This table features two heavy duty motors that are easy to operate independently for the adjustment of the tilt and height of the table. This table also features a mechanism that it adjusts easily from 25 inches to 39 inches in height as well as adjustability from 0 to 90° with an easy-to-read tilt angle display. This table comes with two handles for patient support, a fixed stainless steel footboard, limit switches as well as a hospital grade plug from 60 Hz am 100 V to 3 amps. For more information on all of our tilt tables, see the individual product descriptions.
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