Wheelchairs are chairs with wheels that help those who are ill or otherwise physically incapable of walking to get around. This helpful invention has been around for hundreds of years and come in various types including transport wheelchairs and heavy duty wheelchairs. There are simple wheelchairs used in hospitals to move patients around, heavy duty wheelchairs for large individuals, motorized versions and more. Electro-Medical carries a full line of wheelchairs for patients with a disability or who are currently recovering from surgery or an injury. Developments in wheelchair technology as well as wheelchair ramps, seating systems and more make life on the move for the disabled or infirm an easier task. Our Graham Field Paramount Wheelchair is the choice for users up to 500 pounds and features dimensions of 24” x 18”. This chair offers double cross braces, removable armrests, dual axles and semi-pneumatic casters. The heavy-duty wheelchair comes with detachable and adjustable armrests, chrome plating and all weight bearing joints to provide additional strength to the unit. The transport wheelchair is designed for efficient patient transportation around a medical facility. This chair comes with dimensions of 18” x 16” and is available in various sizes. For information on pricing of our transport wheelchairs and heavy duty wheelchairs as well as technical specifications, click on the wheelchair of your choosing.
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