Walkers and Accessories

Medical walkers and walkers for elderly individuals are an essential part of elderly care as well as rehabilitation. Our diverse set of walkers, rollators, medical walkers and pilot walkers are perfect for all rehabilitation and medical needs. Our Sure Glide Rear Fixed Wheel Walker Brakes are perfect for rollator walks and pilot walkers. These breaks offer a longer lasting solution than tennis balls. The fixed wheel attachments roll freely and give a quiet and smooth stop when needed. The Invacare Dual Release Walker Junior is is a light and easy to lift walker that features a deep and wide frame with height adjustments and a lower side brace for stability. This walker comes in junior and adult sizes. Our Invacare Heavy Duty Dual Release Adult Paddle Walker has ergonomic release paddles to make it easy to open and close. This is a light and easy to fit walker for transportation and storage. This walker usually fits users from 5'3” to 6'4”. For more information on our entire product line of medical walkers and walkers for elderly individuals, click on the walkers of your choice below.