Massagers and Tools

Massagers can provide at-home care for tense muscles as well as injuries. Whether you're looking for a personal massager, massage systems or accessories, we have you covered. Our Jeanie Rub Massagers have been an industry standard since 1966 and offer a hand-held solution for effective and therapeutic massages. The MyoTool Self Massaging Device is a superior functioning self massager for joints, muscles and connective tissue. This device allows patients to perform techniques that they receive in clinics as well as rehabilitation facilities at their home. This device is effective in treating cervicothoracic junctions as well as neural gliding, segmental spinal traction, soft tissues and assisted stretching. The G5 ProPower Hand Held Professional Grade Massager is a rub massager that has been used by physical therapists, professional athletes, respiratory therapists and massage therapists in the industry for over a decade. This massager can enhance flexibility as well as range of motion while reducing the risk of strains and muscle spasms. Our Thera-Cane Self Massager allows patients to treat virtually every trigger point that is associated with myofascial pain syndrome. This product gives patients less reliance on long-term health assistance from providers. See our entire product line for more information regarding the massagers and massage systems we carry as well as pricing.
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