Stethoscopes are one of the most highly used items in the medical field. Our Mabis Dual Head Stethoscope features a chrome plated external spring as well as 22 inch Y tubing. This stethoscope has a recess non-chill ring as well as adjustable chrome plated brass binaurals with plastic ear tips and an anodized, rotating chest piece. The Mabis Signature Stainless Steel Stethoscope as a deluxe stainless steel chess piece as well as 22 inch tubing to make for 30 inches of total length. This stainless steel dual innerspring binaural also comes with a non-chill ring and a diaphragm retaining ring to provide excellent patient comfort throughout exams. Our Sterling Series Strague Rappaport-Type Stethoscope uses a traditional heavy-walled vinyl tubing to block out extraneous sounds. This stethoscope comes with a durable, chrome plated zinc alloy on the chest piece as well as two inner drum seals. This stethoscope comes with five interchangeable chest pieces that are designed for examinations with children or adults. This stethoscope is latex free and comes in black or navy blue. The Sterling Sprauge Stethoscope ProKit comes in dark blue and is five stethoscopes and one. The unit comes with two diaphragms, three bell chest pieces, three different sets of ear tips and is 22 inches in length. For more information about our stethoscopes for sale, click on the products below.
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