Inclinometers including bubble inclinometers, digital inclinometers and universal inclinometers are used for measuring the angles and slopes of the head and neck. Our Acumar Dual Digital Inclinometers contain the most modern features to simplify measurements and increase objectivity. This model can simultaneously capture both angles of the head and neck by the press of a single button and also allows up to six pairs of data for viewing as well as recording to greatly speed up capture and analysis. This unit comes with an easy-to-read LCD display and hold functions to cover 360° of measurements. The Baseline AcuAngle Inclinometer comes with a pointer that is dampened by fluid to ensure that you get an accurate range of motion in your measurements. The unit comes with adjustable legs to adapt to all body contours. The Baseline Bubble Inclinometers are a basic model that offers standards certified by the AMA Guide to the Elevation of Permanent Impairment. Our Baseline Digital Inclinometers contain a range of motion measurement that can be read directly through a digital display. The Universal Inclinometer is a more traditional model that gives you quick and easy measurements with accurate readings. For more information on our entire line of inclinometers including digital inclinometers and universal inclinometers, click on individual product details below.
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