Physician Scales

Physician scales and medical scales are used to measure the weight of patients. Electro-Medical has a variety of medical scales and physician scales for physical therapy offices, medical facilities, doctor practices and health clubs. The Detecto 439 Mechanical Physician Scale comes with a balance beam and has a weight capacity of 400 pounds. The scale has a 4 ounce resolution and is easy to use. The scale also includes a height rod, which makes it easy to record the height of a patient. The scale comes with steel construction, making it easy to care for as well as durable. Our Seca 763 Physician Scale with Automatic BMI and Height Rod is the perfect solution for medical offices as well as physical therapy clinics. This unit comes with dimensions of 14” x 52” x 27” and includes an innovative digital measuring station. The unit also comes with a height rod to measure patient height during each session. The scale has a 550 pound weight capacity as well as a cast-iron base. The unit comes with transport castors and an AC a power supply. For more information on our medical scales and physician scales, click on the product description below.
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