Sensory Evaluation

Therapeutic aids measure and detect skin sensitivity, nerve damage or impairment and changes in neurological status.

Reflex hammers are one of the most frequently used pieces of medical equipment with general practitioners, physical therapists and clinicians all over the world.

Our Grafco Buck Neurological Reflex Hammers with Telescoping Handle features a percussion head with two different rubber ends as well as a hollow shaft that contains a point and brush. These can be used for cutaneous sensation during evaluations. This reflex hammer is 8 inches long and contains latex within the rubber tips. The Babinski Reflex Hammers are a universal hammer that is primarily used by neurologists. Our Babinski Percussion Hammer comes with a swivel thermo-plastic-rubber head that is crowned with chrome-plated brass to enable the usage of the head for parallel and perpendicular positioning. The Taylor Percussion Hammer has a triangular shaped solid rubber head for reflex testing. This hammer has a 7.5 inch solid chrome steel handle for a better grip. The unit contains latex in the head for better patient comfort. The Wartenburge Medical Pinwheel Comes with a 7.5 inch stainless steel handle as well as a single rotating spur. The stainless steel handle gives users a textured grip when testing the reflexes of their patient. For more information on all of our reflex hammers, see our entire product line below.

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