Hydrotherapy Tubs

Hydrotherapy tubs are commonly used to reduce pain and inflammation in joints and muscles after an injury or workout session. We offer a full product line of hydrotherapy tubs to suit rehabilitation facilities, doctors offices as well as physical therapy clinics. Our Aqua Whirl Hi-Lo Hydrotherapy Tub is a complete whirlpool unit that consists of the turbine and a light weight, hard surface plastic tank that can easily be removed for cleaning. The Aqua Whirl Lil Champ Extremity Hydrotherapy Whirlpool Tub is a compact, stainless steel Whirlpool tank that is designed for a hand therapy as well as podiatry use. This tank has a seamless caved bottom as well as a drain for complete water evacuation. The Whitehall E Series Extremity Hydrotherapy Whirlpool Tub is a mobile unit that can be used to treat ankle and foot injuries while also providing a raised undercarriage that can be used for the treatment of upper extremities. The Whitehall E Series Extremity Hydrotherapy Whirlpool Tub is a Stationary tub that is recommended for the treatment of ankle and foot injuries. This tank has a capacity of 15 gallons and measures 25” x 13” x 15” throughout its seamless stainless steel welded frame. For specific information regarding each of these hydrotherapy tubs refer to the descriptions below.