Pinch Gauges

Pinch gauges are used regularly by medical professionals to find the tip and palm pinch strength of patients. We offer an extensive inventory of pinch gauges common to the medical industry. The Baseline Mechanical Pinch Gauge displays pinch strength in both kilograms and pounds. These measurements are accurate and reliable as the gauge gives consistent results with an indicator at the maximum reading. This gauge comes in a capacity of 2, 10, 30 and 60 pounds. Our Baseline Hydraulic Hires Large Head Pinch Gauge Comes in a 50 pound HiResTM head with 3 ½ inch diameter and a large dial with large print numerals. The Baseline Hydraulic Pinch Dyamometer has the ability to find a patient's finger strength through a hydraulic gauge. This is a standard hate Pinch Gage with a 2.5 inch diameter head and a capacity of 50 pounds. Our Jamar Hydraulic Pinch Guage gives reliable and consistent gauge readings with dual scales to show kilograms as well as pounds. To see more of our inventory of pinch gauges and for pricing information, see individual product descriptions.
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