Aesthesiometers are vital in measuring the sensation points for your patients. Our various aesthesiometers are designed to give you accuracy through quality technological design. Our Baseline Discriminator Aesthesiometers allow you to evaluate cutaneous sensitivity and touch threshold while the Baseline Discim-A-Gon Aesthesiometer Set comes with two separate 2-point discrimination octagons. The West Foot monofilaments Aesthesiometers comes with five monofilaments to determine the peripheral nerve involvement and skin sensitivity. Our West Hand Monofilaments Aesthesiometer uses the same technology to measure hand skin sensitivity. The West-D Monofilaments Aesthesiometer comes color coded with green, blue, pink, red and orange for giving you clear results for nerve involvement. Aesthesiometers are critical to your practice. Let Electro-Medical handle all of your needs with our diverse line of products.
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