Splinting Equipment

Splint pans are critical for hospitals, sports facilities and physical therapists around the world. Our inventory of split pans can give you all aspects of patient care. The Whitehall Forma-Splint Sp-1502 Splint Pan has been upgraded for more longevity. This splint pan provides the same usefulness and practicality that medical professionals have been using for years. This splint pan comes with a ball valve drain, digital thermometer, temperature controls as well as a heavy duty structure for maintaining reliability. Whitehall is a trusted brand name that has been associated with the medical industry for half a century. Whitehall also offers the Little Splint Pan. This unit provides a stainless steel construction that is durable as well as attractive. The unit has the ability to heat up rapidly in order to effectively speed up the splinting process. This unit is portable and can be moved around from office to office or to treat mobile users. For more information on our splint pans, see the individual product descriptions for pricing and technical specifications. SUBCATEGORIES
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