Plantar Fasciitis Night Splints

Electro-Medical's extensive line of plantar fasciitis night splints is designed for every need. Our AirHeel Ankle Brace is specifically designed to treat all aspects of plantar fasciitis. This product is also effective in treating heel pain and tendonitis. The brace uses two interconnected aircells under the back of the heel and the arch of the foot to apply pulsating compression when the patient takes a step. This is used to reduce swelling as well as discomfort while enhancing circulation in the foot. This brace comes in small, medium and large. The Swede-O Thermoskin Plantar FXT Plantar Fasciitis Night Splints have a semi-rigid strap that is designed to pull the foot up word into a position for dorseflexion. This not only provides relief, but also helps with the healing process associated with plantar fascia. This brace has thermal properties that will also help reduce inflammation while stretching the foot during sleep. For more information on our night splints for plantar fasciitis and plantar fasciitis night splints, see individual product descriptions below.
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