Treatment Curtains / Privacy Screens

Maintaining your patient's privacy is essential to keeping them comfortable during medical examinations. Our company offers the best in medical privacy screens and medical privacy curtains so your patients never feel uncomfortable in your practice. Our aluminum frame medical privacy screens are comprised of three panels for full coverage of the patient. Each of these panels is constructed with lightweight aluminum that is ¾ inches thick. The curtains are made out of white vinyl and are in compliance with the National Fire Protection Association safety standards. The custom cubicle curtains and tracks are another choice for medical clinics that have a need for patient privacy. These curtains can be drawn along the tracks to give your patients privacy while they are getting dressed or undressed during appointments. These curtains are made of a mesh that is 100% polyester and come with half-inch holes to attach to the tracks. Our medical privacy screen one panel can be used as an extension to other privacy screens or as a privacy screen on its own. We also offer a wall-mounted telescopic curtain. This is a space saving design for any medical facility that would like to maintain privacy in physical therapy rooms or examination rooms. For pricing information, click on each product below. SUBCATEGORIES
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