Hydrotherapy Equipment

Electro-Medical can supply your hydrotherapy equipment, hydrotherapy pool equipment and supply needs throughout our vast inventory. We have all of the equipment and capabilities to span from a full body immersion to specific extremity treatment. We carry hydrotherapy equipment and hydrotherapy pool equipment including hydrotherapy tubs, hydrotherapy tub accessories, pool lifts and hydrotherapy tub supplies. Our solutions include the Automatic Inground Pool Lift, which installs in minutes and has the ability to lift 400 pounds. This unit is portable and rolls away without the use of tools. Our Q-Zene Antimicrobial Whirlpool Additive is known as one of the industry's most comprehensive infection control devices used for keeping water clean. The Whitehall Lo-Boy Hydrotherapy Whirlpool Tub is recommended for the treatment of extremities, backs and hips. This tank has the capacity to carry 105 gallons and has dimensions of 66” x 24” x 18” through a seamless welded construction of heavy gauge stainless steel. Our hydrotherapy tub supplies include the D-Foaming Agent, which delivers a concentrated anti-foam agent to control excess foam in water. For more information on our entire line of hydrotherapy equipment products click on the individual product descriptions below.