Measuring Devices

Staying on top of your patient's progress is essential to the medical field. Electro-Medical carries a wide inventory of measuring devices to suit all of your professional needs. Our Anthropometers come in a range of 0 to 30 cm in .1 cm increments. This is a popular tool for measuring knee, elbow, wrist and ankle widths as well as measuring smaller muscle masses such as the calf. These measuring devices come with all aluminum construction and contain a spring-loaded ball bearing within each C.-shaped arm. The Baseline Arthrodial Protractor is used to measure range of motion for all cervical rotations, major articulations, lateral flexion of the head as well as anterior-posterior cervical flexion. Our Baseline Posture Evaluator can provide posture evaluations in schools, medical clinics or general practitioner's offices. This evaluation tool uses an angle pointer to find and measure the alignments of posture. The Buhl Portable Spirometer is an inexpensive tool for screening larger populations. This tool comes with 100 mouthpieces and is used to measure vital lung capacity of up to 7 L. We also offer a range of digital thermometers and spirometers. For more information on our measuring devices, click on the product descriptions below.
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