Cold Packs

Reusable Cold packs and cold therapy packs work very well for bringing down the swelling on a twisted ankle or other injury. We offer a wide variety of cold packs and cold therapy packs in our inventory for ankles, legs and arms. Our Dynatronics CP2 Inflatable Cold Pack is a great for twisted ankles and delivers effective cold therapy. Use the Dynatronics BodyIce Deluxe Cold Packs to ice down your back and waist through a polyurethane rubber exterior. The Chattanooga Black Polyurethane Colpac is reusable and comes filled with a non-toxic silica gel that stays pliable throughout general use for up to 30 minutes of relief. The Morris Boot Ankle Ice Bags are one of the most frequently used cold packs with trainers and athletes. Let Electro-Medical service all of your cold packing needs with our diverse product line.