Walking Boots

Walking boots are essential for stabilizing a foot after injury or surgery. Our Aircast FP Foam Pheumatic Walking Boots are the perfect solution by providing a full shell protective pneumatic support. This pneumatic walking boot gives a low rocker sole for comfort and ease of ambulation. It also comes with a wider foot base for plenty of room. The Aircast SP Short Pneumatic Walking Boots are ideal for patients who have shorter limb length as well as a calf circumference that prohibits the use of a standard walking boot. This boot comes in various sizes for women and men. Our Aircast XP Pneumatic Walking Boot is one of the best pneumatic boots for comfort as well as ease-of-use. This is an effective solution for severe ankle and foot injuries as well as for post operative use. All of our pneumatic walking boots come with various sizing options as well as pricing, so click on individual product descriptions accordingly.
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