Electro-Medical carries a full line of Goniometers including plastic goniometers. Our Baseline Stainless Steel 360 Degree Goniometers comes with two opposing 180 scales and one 360 scale, both of which are marked in increments of 1. This unit comes with an arm tension controlled by a thumb knob. The Baseliness Stainless Stell 180 Degree Goniometer, 6 in gives users a professional quality goniometer with cleary-marketed degree increments and an easy to read measurement display. Our Baseline 360 Degree Clear Plastic Goniometer, 8 in delivers quality through a hardy plastic. This unit comes with one arm that has a linear scale in centimeters and inches. The white background behind the gradations shows text and number to assure high contrast for resolution and readability. The Baseline 180 Degree X-Ray Anoodized Finger Goniometers, 6 in has the ability to document angles on x-ray negatives. The unit is small enough to carry in a lab coat pocket and comes with a 180-degree head. The goniometer has two opposing scles that are marked with 2-degree increments on black aluminum. Click below to see our full line of goniometers and plastic goniometers and click individual product descriptions for pricing and size information.
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