Lotion Warmers

Giving your patients warm gel before an ultrasound is essential to keeping them comfortable. Electro-Medical offers a diverse product line of ultrasound gel warmers and lotion warmers to keep your customers comfortable and happy throughout their medical procedures. The Ultrasound Gel Warmer comes in a stainless steel case with a white powdercoat finish and can handle temperature ranges of 90°F to 122°F. Our Lotion Warmer, Mini Non-Electric keeps the massage and ultrasound lotion at a comfortable temperature. This warmer can hang on the front of an ultrasound machine as well as Hydrocollator E-1 and E-2 units. Our lotion warmer bottle comes made out of a soft poly container and has a yorkers style cap. The RichMar Gel & Lotions Warmer comes with a specialized exterior coating designed to improve energy efficiency and is available in three distinct colors. This model comes ready for three bottles or five bottles. The TM-1 Electric Lotion Warmer keeps all of your ultrasound gel or massage oil heated to a comfortable temperature. This unit can easily attach to treatment tables or the wall and has the ability to hold up to six 4 ounce bottles. Please feel free to browse our entire product line to find lotion warmers and ultrasound gel warmers perfect for your medical clinic, massage facility or rehab practice.
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