Work Hardening

The Lift And Place Rack Work Hardening Station is our premier piece of work hardening equipment and offers patients the ability to build strength as well as discipline in order to return to usual tasks. This work hardening physical therapy device comes with an upper shelf that is adjustable from 53 inches to 59 inches, a lower shelf that is adjustable from 28 inches to 34 inches and overall dimensions that measure 18” x 30” x 78”. Our weight sled gives patients an overall body workout to get them back to their job quickly and effectively. This device allows users to gradually add more weight as well as resistance for effective strength training. This piece of work hardening therapy equipment measures 18” x 36” and has a handle that can be adjusted from 32 inches to 44 inches. Our Carry All Work Hardening Weight Box allows a patient to actively simulate real-life physical tasks through work hardening physical therapy. This weight box comes with a fixed wooden handle as well as to grip slots on each side for strength training. For more information on all of our work hardening equipment, click on individual product listings below.
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