Dressing Aids

Dressing aids are an essential part of getting dressed for elderly patients or those with limited range of motion. Dressing aids can be a boon to those who lack the balance, strength or necessary limbs or digits for regular dressing and undressing. The aim of these aids is not only to accomplish self-dressing for those who would be unable to achieve it without dressing aids, but also to lessen the frustration of individuals who have a tough, but not impossible time dressing themselves. Dressing aids can come in the form of tools that help to button buttons, pull zippers, tie shoelaces, put on socks and more. We offer several dressing aids that can ease the process of putting on clothes and tying shoes. Our button and zipper pull device contains a plastic vinyl grip that is contoured to fit the patient's fingers. This unit comes specially formed with a stainless steel wire loop that is inserted through the clothing eyelet to hook over the button and allow it to be pulled back through. The other side of the unit comes with a hook to pull the zipper up and down when needed. Our clear zipper pull can assist in the closure of zippers for people that have limited finger grasp. This unit is made of a nylon monofilament loop with a clip that attaches to the zipper tab, which easily be tucked out of sight afterward. The unit comes in a package of three. Our coiler shoelaces eliminates the need for tying shoes. These laces come in a one-size-fits-all size. Our dressing stick makes retrieving items from the top of a closet easier for those that have a limited range of motion. This lightweight dressing sick comes featured with a C-hook at one end and a larger plastic coated push/pull hook on the other end. For more information on our dressing aids, please see our full product line for details and pricing information.
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