Cold Pack Freezers

Cold therapy including chilling units are one of the most common methods of first aid administered to a sports injury. Applying a cold pack to an injury reduces swelling and increases blood circulation. Our game ready ice machine includes a six-foot connector hose, a 2.1 control unit and an AC adapter for power. The Everpure Single Filtration Water System cubes up to 650lbs of nuggets, flakers, nugget dispensers for more pure and consistent ice. The Chattanooga C-5 Colpac Chilling Units have a larger capacity and delivers steady chilling so you will never go without ice. Our Chattanooga Colpac Freezer comes with 5 cubic feet of capacity, stainless steel shelves and is designed to quickly freeze ice for application. The Scotsman Ice Machine has TouchFree actuation to make one-hand operations possible. This eliminates the risk of cross contamination within the ice. For more details of our chilling units, see our full product line.
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