Rehab Weights

Exercise weights are a staple of building muscle as well as rehabilitation. Our company offers exercise weights for a variety of uses. We offer a wide range of exercise weights including ankle weights, wrist weights, and dumbbells. Our Vinyl Coated Fitbell Dumbells are sold in pairs and provide an attractive and resilient dumbbell for home gyms, rehab sites or health clubs. These dumbbells come in a thick and durable easy to clean vinyl. Our Spri Mini Contour Weights come in a soft, flexible, neoprene covered six-inch dumbbell style that will conform to your hands and provide the perfect grip for any upper body resistance exercise or walking exercise. Our Thera-band Soft Weights are designed to support two-handed or one-handed activities. This design comes with a softcover and pliable filler free edge. Our Adjustable Cuff Weights allow specific amounts of weight to be increased or decreased giving the patient more versatility with their exercise regiments. The All Pro Adjustable Write Weights Come in a one-size-fits-all, contour-foam wrap around cushion padding for the wrist. The cushioned flaps keep the weight secure on the user. The All-Pro Power Vest is a 20-pound unit that comes with 40 individual half-pound weights in a one-size-fits-all vest. For more information on all of our exercise weights see our full product line for details.